Senderos de La Aldea

Hiking Trails of La Aldea. Aldea de San Nicolás. Gran Canaria.

You are about to discover nature in its purest state. Hiking Trails of La Aldea (Aldea de San Nicolás, Gran Canaria) offers you an unspoilt territory to explore, with beautiful and captivating natural surroundings to enjoy while you walk along a choice of hiking routes adapted to all ability levels. Once you have visited our municipality, and seen some of the 300 km or so of available routes, we can ensure you that you will feel nature oozing out of every pore of your skin.

"Hiking Trails of La Aldea"

This section contains detailed information on our current available routes. It will gradually be expanded with new and updated hiking routes. Hiking Trails of La Aldea will be a delight for all nature lovers as they move around unique and stunning settings in the company of family and friends. We invite you to come and try them out!

El Puerto
Circular route around Playa de El Puerto (La Aldea)
Cruz del Siglo
Cruz del Siglo
Degollada de Tasarte - Inagua - El Pinillo
Mogán - La Aldea de San Nicolás
Mogán - La Aldea de San Nicolás
Barranco del Asno - Playas de Guguy
Tasartico (Barranco del Asno) - Playas de Guguy

Stunning routes

for all ability levels